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Date archive for: January 2016

Dictation Is Not Writing

I like to think I’m a decent writer: able to convey information clearly, be evocative – maybe even provocative – while the clickety-clacks make the words slide onto the screen. I’ve been doing an experiment lately in an effort to be a *fast* writer: I’m dictating lots of my writing using OSX’s built-in speech-to-text, and Google’s Voice Keyboard on my Android phone. And it’s been going okay all in all – I’m not able to speak faster than I can type, and I lose even more time having to go back and correct words and especially punctuation. But I think that’s to be expected. It’s not good enough to use instead of a keyboard, but it’s good enough to feel like it’s the future, and if I can just get better at being understood by these machine, my speed will eventually surpass my typing speed. The dictation seems better on Android, which is why I’ve started using it to dictate emails as well. I can dictate a few words at a time in almost real-time, as long as I’m keeping it short. It’s a real boon to productivity, especially when driving or I’m busy with the kids. But I’ve decided to *stop…